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As I reported in March, the housing market in Astoria continues to move in a positive direction.

Following 5 years of a painfully slow real estate market the combination of rising consumer confidence, low interest rates and limited inventory seems to be fueling a recovery.

Quickly assessing the numbers for the city of Astoria, Oregon through May of this year shows slow but deliberate growth and signs of continued recovery. The year to date numbers through 5/25 show closed sales of single family homes increased 12.5% (units) while sold volume rose over 26.7% to $13.55 million compared to the same period a year ago.

The average price of a single family home sold YTD also increased from $191,010 to $215,144, a 12.6% increase compared to the same

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Selling a house in the current market can be tricky, but there are certain mistakes an owner can make that will cause a Gearhart home to sit still without a decent offer and cause the listing to go stale.

In order to prevent that from happening, make sure you are not making one of the following mistakes when putting your property on the market.


While your home may hold sentimental value, many times that value does not translate into dollars.

Be realistic about your asking price and know the details about your current market.

Look at the list price of similar houses on the market to get a rough idea of what you should ask for your property.

Make special note of the actual closing sales price as well as the time on market and

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As we come into the spring selling season the Clatsop County real estate market continues to improve.

Current inventory levels are fairly low, and while there isn’t a shortage of homes for sale yet, if you ask any buyer actively looking there isn’t much to pick from once you exclude obviously over-priced listings.

If this trend continues we could begin to see modest price appreciation this year of 2-4%.

While buyer demand remains strong those buyers still demand a move-in ready home at a great price to even consider buying. If you are selling your home this spring take the extra time to cleanup, fix-up and price your property competitively.

Download the February Market Report Here

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As a home buyer , you can get a feel for whether a home’s systems and appliances are in working order. However, you can’t know for certain until after the home’s been inspected.

This is why real estate agents recommend that buyers hire a licensed home inspectors immediately after going into contract. It’s the best way to really know the home which you’re buying.

By definition, a home inspection is a top-to-bottom check-up of a home’s physical condition and systems, including a review of the structure, and its plumbing and electrical systems. Home inspections are not the same as a home appraisal, which is a valuation of the property.

When you commission a home inspection, you should be present for it. Here are 3 reasons why :

Seeing For

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Many homes in Clatsop County are serviced by an on-site sewage treatment system aka septic system. In most areas outside the city limits, public sewer service just doesn’t exist. In the city of Gearhart there is no public sewer system, each home must have it’s own mini sewage treatment plant. Septic system replacements aren’t cheap either. At the low end a replacement system can cost $8000. Specialized systems including sand filters can cost well over $10k.

Septic system inspection costs can range from $350-600. This added to the cost of the home inspection, loan fees and the down payment sometimes causes with buyer to think twice about laying out the additional cash.

The procedure for a septic inspection varies greatly depending on the type of

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